One-click access to Your Yahoo!® Mail!

  • Free email notifier toolbar works with Hotmail®, Yahoo!® Mail, and more!
  • Notifies you EVERY TIME you get new email
  • One-click access to check your Yahoo!® Mail
Inbox Toolbar

Clicking "Click Now" starts the download of free Inbox Mail Toolbar. I understand how it works, accept the End User License Agreement & Privacy Policy and agree to install Inbox Mail Toolbar on all user accounts on my computer.

Stay Notified

Stop wasting time by logging into your account all the time. Get instant notifications about new mail.

Manage Multiple

Manage multiple accounts from one place and don't miss any message ever again.

Compose Emails
As You Go

Compose messages immediately when you need to. Use built-in spell check, dictionary and translator.

Keep Your PC Safe

Ensure your privacy! Inbox Email Notifier Toolbar is absolutely safe so there's no need to worry!

Install Inbox Toolbar to supercharge your web search.

Gain massive search capabilities within Internet Explorer®.

Supported Browsers

Inbox Toolbar enhances your browsing experience with Internet Explorer®, Mozilla® Firefox® or Google Chrome™.

Toolbar search box

Get search results from top search engines when you search through your toolbar’s search box.

Browser search box

Receive quality search results when you search the Web through your web browser’s search box.

Address bar search - Search the Web directly through your address bar.

Error search - Get links for potentially correct pages when you enter a bad web address.

Multiple accounts?
Multiple logins?
Multiple hassles!

Not anymore!

With the email notifier, you can access, preview and read emails with just a few clicks and all from inside your browser!

Gain control over your multiple email accounts - Put them all together and be notified of any mail arriving in any account.

And if the time you save doing this encourages you to set up new email addresses, these can be added too!

It works with all POP3 accounts!

No longer sign in to each account to check your mail! The happy appearance of a little yellow envelope in your system tray (near the time display) alerts you to being the recipient of another email and serves as a link directly to your inbox.

And sending mail? Well, shortcuts to the ‘Compose Email Using…’ button give you instant access to any of your email accounts and gets that email off your ‘to do’ list quicker than ever before!

Right click any file/folder you want to attach and upload it 20% faster than a regular attachment upload in webmail. (Blink and you’ll miss it!)

But the notifier does so much more!

Upload multiple photos or documents with a single click and share them online. Or just drag and drop into your Online Storage and then synchronize between multiple computers. This additional hard drive can be easily accessed via your Virtual Storage, offering you access to your stored files and folders quickly and without having to log in to your online account.

Plus, you get Toolbar for free - a fantastic way to access exactly the information you are looking for from all over the Web in a single click!

Email Magic.

This email notifier is a personal wizard just for you, making your online communication faster, more efficient and more pleasurable as a result.

Install it. Try it! What have you got to lose?

We are sure you will enjoy the magnitude of its benefits so much that you won’t want to return to the world of multiple hassles.